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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Rāwhiti School MADE AWARD entries

These are two great examples of Learn Create Share from Rāwhiti School.

Original song by Justin Timberlake. Created by a group of enthusiastic children from studio Tāne Mahuta, at Rāwhiti School 2017, Christchurch, New Zealand. We loved singing this song so much and we thought we could showcase the East Side of Christchurch and Christchurch City. So much has changed in our environment since the earthquakes. The Central City is changing so much after the earthquakes, we also wanted to show some of these changes. We filmed in Gap Filler spaces (where buildings used to be before the earthquakes) and artworks that have popped up in spaces were buildings used to be. Our other aim was to make a music video that would involve a lot of children from our Year 4 to 6 studio. This music video came 2nd in the MADE AWARDS, NZ, in the Powerco Music category, Year's 4 to 6, for 2017.

Music video to the song December 1963 (Oh What a Night). We sing this song in class and our challenge was to make a music video. Year 4 children (8 - 9 year olds), from B.3 at Rāwhiti School created a story for this song. A group of musicians are at the Spaceport, heading to the moon. While in space they get hit by a meteor and knocked off course. They end up at a planet called 'Robolien,' (robots & aliens). Walking along the street the drummer sees the lady of his dreams on Robo News. She's wanted for stealing jewellery. The humans end up at a Spaceball..... Story, props, backdrops and puppets designed and created by B.3. The children had fun making this music video and lots of sore arms from puppeteering!