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Friday, 27 October 2017

Lets Celebrate Our Successes - Resilience, Regulation, Emotions and Behaviour Intervention

There have now been 60 teachers, ECE managers, SENCO’s and DP’s who have gone through Alissa’s resilience, regulation, emotions and behavior intervention – RREB programme (renamed from emotion coaching to more reflect the content).  This programme was a direct response to challenges reported by the cluster and has been reported as being a successful solution.
The quantitative and qualitative data gathered showed there was a 100% shift in teacher practice, and 100% reported improved student outcomes. The programme had a major impact on the teachers and strongly influenced their personal teaching pedagogy. Many schools and ECE settings are wanting to have a school wide approach and to have all staff trained. Alissa undertook brief training with the teacher aids at a school.
Onsite coaching and mentoring visits was an integral component of the model with the aim to embed the learning from the PLD workshop, and to give support in the transfer of theory to practice.
This intervention programme has been found to have positive benefits on teacher feelings of competency and confidence, teacher and pupils’ calmness, pupils’ emotional literacy and regulation, child-teacher trust and relationships, increased pupil engagement in learning, increased focus, and decrease in behavior difficulties.

Some feedback from the previous round includes: